We are seeking support financial and pro bono support from individuals and organisations that have a strong connection with or concern for the charity and social enterprise sector.

Pro Bono

If you have a skill or a resource you’d like to commit, pro bono, to The Stephen Lloyd Awards then we’d like to hear from you. As projects are selected for support we’ll begin to understand what support will be needed, however we expect we’ll be looking for individuals and organisations to support across the following areas:

  • Legal
  • Business and strategy development
  • Financial advisory
  • Technology and IT
  • Human Resource development

Get in touch by leaving a comment below or by using the contact form to pledge your expertise, time and facilities to The Stephen Lloyd Awards.


To make a substantial or repeating financial donation please use the contact form to get in touch and we’ll call you back.

To make a small financial donation you can get in touch, as per above, or use the BT My Donate service below.

Visit our charity page on BT MyDonate