Application Form 2021

Thank you for taking an interest in applying to the Stephen Lloyd Awards!

Before you start, we highly recommend you read our application Guidelines page. It provides you with essential information as to who can or cannot apply, along with general guidance in relation to filling in the online application form below.

All questions can be viewed in advance by scrolling down this page. Please note - you will not be able to 'save and continue' your application. It must be completed in one session. You may wish to save your answers in a separate document and when ready, return to this page to fill in and submit your application.

For any queries in relation to filling out the form, or further guidance on its contents, please contact Mona Rahman at [email protected] for further assistance.

  • Part A - General Information

  • Website must begin with "http://" If you have any technical issues inserting your website here, please include your website address under "Social Media", directly below.
  • Part B - Project Proposal

  • What is the main aim of your project?
  • Where are we now? Highlight the problem you are addressing – the reality, current situation, statistics, stories.
  • What is the underlying problem? You must clearly highlight the problem that you are attempting to solve and for whom.
  • The Solution to the Complication is the substance of your main point. This is where you explain what you do or have done already and what you plan to do.
  • Part C - Wider Support

  • 'Network of partners' refers the collective donors and supporters listed on our partners page at Could your project benefit from any support such as business planning, legal advice, financial, mentoring, etc.
  • Part D - Financial Justification

  • Part E - Supporting Information

  • (Please note - only one document can be uploaded. Additional documents should be emailed to [email protected], clearly referencing your charity/project name in the subject of your email)
  • Do you have a 3 min YouTube video, or similar presentation, which enhances your idea for us? This is not mandatory, but if you do, please enter the URL hyperlink or email the video to [email protected], clearly referencing your charity/project name in the subject of your email)