Ten applicants were shortlisted, from an applicant base of 97, in the first half of May 2019. These shortlisted applicants are presented below, along with their immediate support needs.

Supporters and pro bono partners of the awards are now invited to engage with these organisations to assist their development over the weeks leading to the finalé event on 26th June, at which a winner, or winners, will be selected.

Please take some time to review the applicants below and their support needs and get in touch where you think you may be able to assist in their development. You can access most of their websites and original applications to the awards via the buttons below.


Breadwinners is a grassroots not for profit social enterprise and charity, with the aim of supporting refugees with employment, work experience, training and mentoring whilst providing Londoners with the best organic artisan bread.  It supports both refugees with their first UK Job, as well as young people seeking asylum in the UK with their first volunteer work experience, selling the highest quality organic bread on farmer’s markets across London. We have built relationships with high-quality bakeries, who provide us with bread at cost price, and take referrals from leading refugee charities.

What makes Breadwinners unique is that, in contrast to most common charities, we invest funding to set up markets stalls which sustain themselves from bread sales, we contribute to the economy, and is easy to scale. We want to use this model as a platform to tackle negative refugee bias in UK.

Support needed:

  • Pitch Prep: It will be the first time we will be taking part in this type of event. Help us prepare our pitch and presentation to get the most out of the opportunity, by mentoring and/or planning the event.
  • Impact Report: Help us produce our first impact report taking into account our Theory of Change, Impact measurements taken, feedback, and case studies in an innovative way so customers can take it from our stalls.
  • Business plan and potential business models: Revisit our business plan and ensure it is watertight. Expand the business plan to include our first permanent location. Explore other innovative business models.
  • Commercial advice: How can we increase points of sales faster and provide further opportunities for refugees and young people seeking asylum?
  • HR: Help us plan our team growth.
  • Links and introductions: to potential hospitality employers for our Breadwinners to progress.
  • WorkSpace: Host us! We do not have an office.


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Inside Workout

Inside workout is a FREE fitness and wellbeing magazine specifically designed for prison inmates, featuring articles on exercise, nutrition and mental well-being. The magazine also features interviews with ex offenders who have used exercise and sports activities to turn their lives around and have a positive impact on society.

The aim of the magazine is to encourage inmates to focus their energies on positive self improvement and, through interviews and stories, show them how people who have been in a similar position to themselves have used a healthy lifestyle to create positive changes within themselves and their community upon after release.

Support Needed:

  • Introductions/Links: One of the biggest problems we face as we try to expand our readership is making contact with the right people within the criminal justice system that will allow our magazine to be distributed throughout their services (Prison Governors, Probation officers etc). It may not seem like a support need but any direct links and instructions to people who work with/in/around the Justice system can save months of emails trying to find the right contacts.
  • Sales/Income Streams: We are currently looking for support on how best we could develop a branding strategy with regards to our service and products. How could we remain unique with our technology and service while maintaining the global growing brand that is scaling to our target market? How could we organize and/or mobilise our resources to build a team that will make such a brand successful and possible?
  • Financial Funding: We are really keen to develop a long term Financial/Funding strategy that has a clear purpose and that will allow us to continue to grow our services as we begin to develop new income streams.


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Jelly Drops

Dehydration is one of the leading causes of death for people with dementia- itself the largest killer in the UK.  It is responsible for both premature deaths and years of reduced quality of life.  Jelly Drops are hydrating treats that enable people with dementia to hydrate more often and independently.

Many people with dementia are no longer aware of thirst, do not equate drinking with quenching thirst, do not recognise cups for what they are, lack the muscular dexterity to use cups, lack the muscle memory to use cups, lack the ability to plan to use a cup or lack the ability to swallow liquids.

It can therefore be very time consuming to keep someone with dementia hydrated, and financially strained care homes are struggling to fulfil this requirement. The result is an accelerated decline in residents’ conditions that reduces their quality of life and exacerbates other care requirements, which in turn increases hospital admissions, putting a strain on the NHS.

Support needed:

  • Funding: Given the huge demand for Jelly Drops we aim to scale production quickly. To do this we will require external funding. Introductions to funding bodies, especially with an impact focus would invaluable in helping us to build these relationships as soon as possible.
  • Distribution: We believe that having Jelly Drops available on the high street is important to maximise our reach. Therefore we would welcome contacts to pharmacies, health food stores and supermarkets.
  • Measuring Impact: As a mission-led business it is critical to have a structured approach to monitoring Social Impact, as this is the primary method by which we are able to understand performance.
  • Legal Advice:  We welcome guidance and specialist advice in relation to IP and trade mark. We have applied for trade mark on the name and logo but further support about how to protect the Jelly Drops brand in other countries would be useful.


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Despite great benefits, breastfeeding drop-out rates are steep and have a significant impact in the health of mothers and babies. The UK has the worst breastfeeding rate in the world. It is difficult for mothers to diagnose and improve their breastfeeding techniques without sufficient professional and peer-to-peer support. However, the current breastfeeding support is patchy, inconsistent, and service-centred. There is an urgent need for the 21st century innovation to make breastfeeding support easier, cheaper, and more accessible.

LatchAid is the world’s 1st breastfeeding app that utilises cutting-edge 3D interactive technology and virtual breastfeeding support groups to help mothers and mothers-to-be everywhere to visually learn breastfeeding skills and to connect with others for peer-to-peer and professional support anywhere and anytime.

Support needed:

  • App Pilot & Launch: Although we have a strong team of contractors including Oscar Winning 3D artists from the film VFX industry, lactation consultants, app developers/ designers working on our MMP launching in October 2019, we are lacking in experience of app piloting and bringing a product to market. We will benefit from the wide range of expertise from the Stephen Lloyds Award network, because App launch is a complex project which requires strategic planning and execution in many key areas including PR, marketing, sales, branding, and AppStore optimisation.
  • Legal support: Expertise and guidance in the areas including IP protection, GDPR, app Terms & Conditions, and contractor contracts would be welcomed.
  • Financial model: Advice on structuring our pricing model to balance business sustainability and the growth of our impact would be helpful to achieve our social mission of helping mothers and babies across the world. We need expertise and guidance on designing and developing our business models for B2C, B2C, and sponsorship.
  • Investment raising: To maintain the constant/rapid development, we need to raise investment after the app launch once we are able to demonstrate market traction. We will need to develop our network and support for finding the right investors and securing investment.


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Level Up

Level Up campaigns to end sexism in the UK. Our approach is centred around innovation, harnessing digital tools to make social change. We launched in January 2018 and have a community of 50,000 supporters.

Harassment of women in online spaces is at epidemic levels. One in five women have suffered online abuse or harassment. Online abuse has offline impacts. 55% of those harassed online experience anxiety, stress or panic attacks as a result.

We want to bring our skills in storytelling, digital mobilization and advocacy to change the culture around online harassment as well as holding social media companies accountable for behaviour on their platforms.

This is a long-term campaign and we will need significant support to ensure that the treatment of women is a key part of the wider movement to make the internet safer and more inclusive for everyone in the UK.

Support needed:

  • Funding: We are a tiny, nimble team focused on impact so every penny raised goes straight to powering our campaigns.
  • Legal Advocacy Support: We know that legislation to halt the spread of hate, disinformation and abuse must be part of our campaign. We are looking for people with a track record in taking cases that hold media and corporations to account to partner with us.
  • Governance/Legal advice: We are investing in building Level Up as an organisation that can last for as long as needed, as part of that we are looking for those with governance and HR experience to act as advisors.
  • Building a Movement: We are currently building a movement of committed feminists, so please join us, or connect us to people you think we should collaborate with.  Any links are more than welcome!


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Making Work Work

We want to join things up! People with learning disabilities, autistic spectrum disorders, and mental health conditions need jobs, and employers need good staff. At present this connection isn’t well made, with only 6% of people with learning disabilities in work, although 65% would like a job. It is likely that within these figures many people reportedly in work are under-employed in terms of the hours they need to achieve financial stability.

We know that (i) Employers spend millions of pounds per annum on agency fees and struggle to fulfil contracts due to staffing difficulties; (ii) People with learning disabilities, mental health problems and autism have lost jobs which they could have been supported to keep; (iii) People with such conditions are brilliant workers given the chance.

We will create a Recruitment Agency with a difference, working with ethical employers, providing opportunities for which we will recruit and train people. Identifying and training to exact skill sets, we will offer on the job training, and ongoing support to both parties, providing a bespoke service. Our ultimate aim is to have great people in great mainstream jobs.

Support needed:

  • Financial modelling: Support which enables us to test out our funding models and challenges us to think differently, to enable us to build a self-sustaining and scalable model.
  • Identifying the optimum start up location: A discrete part of our business planning process, requiring support to identify the strengths and challenges of an area, thus offering us the best possible chance of success.
  • Creating a detailed business plan: We have an embryonic plan but we need a critical friend who will challenge us to think deeply and clearly.
  • Pitching appropriately to potential employers: Help to undertake market research and develop a marketing strategy which gets us in front of potential employers by aligning our offer with their needs.


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Military Justice Centre

Bullying, harassment, discrimination and sexual violence remain serious challenges for the UK’s armed forces. While the armed forces are well served by charities that provide practical and mental health support, none of them provide independent advocacy and legal advice. It can be hard for serving people to get initial sensible advice and signposting. There is nowhere to go if they need help with drafting a formal complaint. It is hard to find legal advice if they do not want to sue for damages. There are few public law lawyers working in this field.

This contributes to a sense within the forces themselves that the rule of law is somehow different for them and it feeds the narrative that wider concepts of human rights and the rule of law may be contrary to their interests.

The Centre for Military Justice will ensure that members of Britain’s armed forces have the same access to justice and the rule of law as the civilians they defend.

Support needed:

  • Branding: I need expert advice and help to finalise the name of the charity (the present working title generates mixed reactions), design a logo, and on all matters design-related.
  • Website: I want to get working on setting up a website. I know little about website development and need help on all aspects of this.
  • Legal advice: I require legal advice and assistance on what is the most appropriate legal entity to be and help setting it up.
  • Fundraising: I need advice on where to go to seek future funding for the project.

To learn more about Military Justice Centre, please email Emma Norton.

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Tranquiliti is a whole-school, digital service to support both schools and students to understand and improve mental well-being.

Our digital tool provides personalised, early-stage support to students to help them to understand and manage their mental wellbeing, and to access relevant resources and support, both in and out of school.

The information captured through this gives pastoral staff unparalleled insight into the well-being and experience of students at an individual, cohort and whole-school level, helping them to identify and support those who are struggling. These insights are combined with each school’s existing data-set, and well-being data from our school network, to enable senior staff to make strategic decisions around the processes and policies that impact student well-being.

Support needed:

  • Legal support:  We are currently preparing legal documents for our partnership with pilot schools, and in order to be GDPR compliant. We would benefit significantly from having ongoing professional advice in this area.
  • Business strategy advice: We lack targeted support in developing our strategy around how we sell and implement our service into schools at scale. A key part of our pilot will be to develop this strategy and validate our business model. Support here would help us to kickstart this process.
  • Social investment access and advice:  Tranquiliti is currently raising SEIS investment of £150,000 in order to build our team and complete our pilot. We would appreciate any support in completing this, either through advice or access to potential investors.


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PACT (Parents and Children Together)

PACT is seeking the support of the Stephen Lloyd Award and its network of partners in order to help us with the design and development a self-assessment tool with the potential to benefit adopters going through the adoption preparation process, equipping them for the challenges ahead. The self-assessment tool will help adopters to understand their preferences to certain circumstances, why they react in certain ways and how best for them to approach situations, increasing their self-awareness and building their resilience.

PACT plans to develop the one-day module ‘Building my resilience’ in partnership with an established corporate partner using a bespoke self-assessment tool and pilot it with a cohort of adopters. The module will focus the adopters on the impact of everyday pressure and stress and how they can learn about managing their stress reaction with the help of a self-assessment framework. There is the potential for this tool to then be utilised by the wider adoption sector nationally.

PACT has identified a corporate partner that will be providing much of their time and knowledge pro-bono; however, we need to resource this project with experienced social workers, conduct thorough user research through adopter focus groups and individual interviews, pilot the programme and develop a monitoring and evaluation system. PACT is seeking financial support and expertise from the Stephen Lloyd Awards to help us achieve success with this project.

Support needed:

  • Legal advice: Seeking pro bono legal support to help us with developing our more formal partnership with our corporate partner. We are also seeking specialised support and advice on how to protect our intellectual property.
  • Commercial advice and B2B marketing strategy: Support to consider how to scale this project up to have national impact and to develop together a realistic but high-ROI B2B marketing strategy to create impactful partnerships.
  • Awareness raising: Raising awareness of PACT and adoption and the need for more adopters.
  • Financial Model: Support is welcome to ascertain how to make the project sustainable and attain maximum impact.
  • Evaluation and measuring impact: We would welcome guidance in developing approaches and tools to assist us with impact measurement, both qualitative and quantitative to aid the evaluation of the pilot.
  • Feedback on our idea and pitch: we are open to input, to help us refine our ideas and pitch.


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Mayday Trust - System Reset

In response to the increasing levels of homelessness, we deeply listened to people’s experiences of homelessness and the services they received. We heard that the reason we have not managed to end homelessness yet is not because we haven’t found the right solution, but because we are all trying to solve the wrong problem! We heard how people were becoming trapped in services (psychologically and physically) and unable to move on with their lives- the problem was therefore not people with ‘complex needs’, but the system!

“I did two years in prison and now I’m doing two years here [in supported housing]. They say I got sentenced for two years, but in reality it’s four.”

With the support of the Stephen Lloyd Awards, we aim to radically transform the current homelessness system by passing power and control back to people going through tough times and developing a response that is genuinely led by the individual and not by services or those who fund them. Through ‘Transitions Pilots’, we will work with local authority commissioners to prototype a new person-led system together.

This has never been done before and will require all involved to be bold, brave, open and adaptable as the new response emerges. By doing this in a semi controlled learning environment, live monitoring success, risk and failure, new developments will evolve in real time through regular reflection and real world analysis to create a new system that finally works for people going through tough times.

Support needed:

  • Corporate Support: Introductions and involvement of corporate supporters who are looking to turn CSR on its head! We are looking for strategic partnerships, new mind-sets and investment into prototyping and systems change for more sustainable impact.
  • Local and National Government: Help to influence at local and national government to share the learning and impact of the new system that evolves through the prototype to increase the impact and visibility of the pilot.
  • Marketing: To help us to develop new marketing materials and messaging to share the learning creatively to an audience of local authorities, government and individuals. Specifically to create a short video to bring our new systems thinking to life!
  • Scale support: To explore how to scale systems change at local government level to replicate the learning of the transitions pilot prototype in new areas.
  • Cost benefit analysis: To explore, analyse and identify the cost savings of a person- led system as opposed to a system led response.


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