We are thrilled to announce our 2022 Finalists’ ideas and project proposals, along with their immediate support needs, which are all presented below.

From under 80 entries received, our assessors worked tirelessly to help select our shortlist from the large number of outstanding applications. Thank you to everyone who got involved in helping us review our entries.

Supporters and pro bono partners of the Awards are now invited to engage with these organisations to assist their development. Please take some time to review the applicants below and their support needs and get in touch where you think you may be able to assist in their development.

If you would like to offer your support, please email Mona Rahman at [email protected]

Happy Smiles Training

Despite being the world’s largest minority group and making up one-fifth of the British population, disabled people tell us that they are almost always an afterthought. Nothing exemplified this more than last year’s COP26 conference, when a minister couldn’t even enter the conference due to its inaccessibility. Like this example, our stakeholders want to influence change on world issues, but are excluded from doing so. That’s why we set up our social enterprise, to create positive action led by disabled people.

100% of disabled people supported by us are in long-term volunteering or employment within 6 months of working with us, whilst our growing team has delivered training to over 10,000 people in schools, groups and businesses nationally.

As we continue to scale, we require specialist support to develop an engaging, digital training package, in which the customer will truly experience “Life In Our Shoes”.

Support needed:

  • Strategic Support: We will use the “Life In Our Shoes” digital training package to be able to scale our impact to an international level. This needs to be delivered in a sustainable, robust manner, including business planning, financial management support, legal and marketing advice.
  • Impact Measurement: Through a publicly accessible Theory of Change and captured impact measurements, customers will quickly understand the value of our work on both their organisation and its stakeholders, as well as for the disabled people leading our work.
  • Accessibility Checks: We strive to ensure that all of our work is delivered in a manner that is accessible for all, which will include any forms of media produced and anything placed on our website or social media.
  • Project Management: An individual with lived experience of disability will require upskilling, advice and support to effectively and sustainably lead the project.
  • Product Design: The digital platform that will be used will need to engage the customer in the most holistic way possible, so any specialist support around the most cost-effective/high-quality technology to deliver on this would be invaluable.
  • E-Commerce & Marketing: We will need to develop an e-commerce platform and market the product as effectively as possible.
  • PR & Comms Support: This will help to raise the profile of this product and our work as a whole, leading to increased customer awareness and the opportunity for more disabled people to take a lead on our work.


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Just Farmers

Farming is one of the most misunderstood jobs in modern society. It can look privileged and beautiful. It can also look cruel and destructive. Many farmers and growers feel isolated and profoundly disconnected from the rest of society, which has been linked to mental health problems across all agricultural sectors. More than a third of UK farmers are probably or possibly depressed, while a shocking nine in ten under the age of 40 say poor mental health is the biggest hidden problem facing their industry.

Many farmers blame the urban media for fuelling this disconnect and see journalists as a threat, believing there is an anti-farming agenda working against them. Just Farmers is working to bridge this divide and bring people closer together.

We provide free Media Education workshops (four days in total) which give farmers the skills and confidence to tell their stories with pride, while helping members of the media find independent farmer case studies who will talk to them. So far, we have 84 farmers in our network, who represent the full diversity of UK agriculture. Between them, they have had more than 500 regional, national and international media appearances and some are now major influencers on social media.

We are breaking down barriers, disrupting the outdated ‘media training’ model and we’re doing it for a minority community that are frequently overlooked and ignored.

Support needed:

  • Recruitment: Just Farmers was founded by a working journalist/TV producer who saw a need and decided to do something to help. The project was built alongside an already full-time career, on largely voluntary work. Our Editor only works part-time. Just Farmers has become such a phenomenal (and unexpected) success that we now have to admit our individual limitations and bring in new skills. We desperately need business management and fundraising experience on the team so we can develop a growth strategy, scale up, access funding, and build capacity in our organisation. The truth is: we are media professionals – not business people – so we desperately need help identifying and finding those skills.
  • Scaling: Just Farmers is straining at the leash to grow, but we need support with business planning, financial management, legal, and governance. We would benefit hugely from the expertise of partners who have helped tiny projects fulfil their potential.
  • Charity Incorporation: Just Farmers is currently registered as a Community Interest Company but our work is 100% funded by charitable grants. We need advice on what is the right structure for us, and whether we should seek charity status.
  • Board Development: We would also appreciate guidance on building a Board of Directors/Trustees.


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Parkinson’s is the world’s fastest growing neurological disease; 1 in 37 people alive today will be diagnosed in their lifetime, 1 in 10 will be under 50. People newly diagnosed with Parkinson’s and those with Young-Onset Parkinson’s want to receive information through contemporary channels. Our peer-delivered videos encourage viewers to play a more active role in their healthcare, in the long-term reducing strain on the NHS.

Our videos feature people who have the conditions themselves, interviewing experts on key topics related to diagnosis, treatment and lifestyle. This approach allows conversations to be pitched at a digestible level that resonates with our audience.

Our videos in MS have been watched over 3.5 million times. Since launching our pilot in Parkinson’s, led by patient leaders in the Parkinson’s community, we have received 79,000+ views and 500+ subscribers on YouTube. Your support will help us reach even more people with Parkinson’s.

Support needed:

  • Impact Measurement: We would appreciate support from Awards Partners to help us continually evaluate our work in a robust way. We would like to further explore academic literature on the impact of YouTube videos on health management and to improve how we can recruit for our Impact Surveys through our YouTube channels.
  • Scaling: We would appreciate support from Awards Partners to help us refine our value proposition and business model. As well as helping us to explore other opportunities for scaling to other health communities and exploring other revenue streams.
  • Marketing and Communications: We are very keen to increase the prominence of LivedHealth amongst key routes to market, for example healthcare providers. We would be very keen to receive Marketing and Communications support from Awards Partners.
  • Fundraising: As we continue to develop our work, we would be very grateful for fundraising support from Awards Partners. As a CIC, we are often excluded from more traditional Trusts and Foundations, so we would appreciate the opportunity to explore other opportunities for funding to help us fund the development of our work.


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Ms Independent

We are Ms Independent, a careers social enterprise focused on reducing inequality, creating systemic change by reaching girls who are most likely to face challenges and prejudice in their career journeys. Through distinctly women-led, in-school workshops, we empower them with the soft and hard skills needed to thrive, whilst building employment networks in their communities to strengthen access to opportunity.

In 2020 only 5% of FTSE 100 CEOs were women and fewer than one in five small and medium-sized enterprises in the UK are led by women. For women with intersectional challenges such as being Black Asian ethnic minority (BAME) or growing up in poverty, unemployment rates are double and inequality in high-paid roles is significantly higher. We know that this has only been exacerbated by the pandemic, with 29% of young women now feeling less confident about obtaining a job.

Our mission is to change this, by delivering in-school career programmes that reach young women aged 14-19 at the earliest possible stage and empower them to make informed, independent and confident decisions about their future careers.

Support needed:

  • Measuring Social Impact: Help us create and embed a system impact measurement strategy which will allow us to accurately measure and identify the impact of our programme in the short term and in the long term.
  • Growth & Scaling: We would like to see our programmes being delivered in more schools; in addition we would like to partner with more companies to help increase employability opportunities for the young women we work with. We would like guidance to ensure we grow and scale in the best way possible.
  • Mentoring & Organisational Development: We lots of ambitious goals to which include being involved in systemic change within the education system, and working with companies to close gender pay gaps. We would really benefit from some expert input and support in scoping this and developing these long term plans.
  • Programme Support and Involvement: We would like partners that share the same passion to get involved with our programme, either as be guest speakers or offering opportunities to the young women we support.
  • Governance: We would like support with building a diverse and effective board. We would like board members that have strong knowledge, in finance, education, employment, social impact and law


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Real Ice

At Real Ice, we are targeting direct action on climate change in the Arctic, where global warming is occurring at the fastest rate on the planet. We aim to achieve this by restoring Arctic sea ice using technologies that leverage renewable energy sources such as tide and wind to grow new ice. These systems will be maintained and operated in collaboration with the indigenous people of the High Arctic regions.

Real Ice aims to prove that it is both technically feasible and financially viable to restore Arctic sea ice, in order to then inspire other, global organisations to take up the mantle at massive scale, thereby cooling the planet and helping defer the worst of the impact of ocean heating.

Real Ice has already assembled a world class team of advisors from leading scientists in Arctic sea ice and sea level rise to specialists in Arctic exploration and community engagement.

Support needed:

  • Impact Evaluation and Measurement: Real Ice could use support to design and implement an effective system which allows us to measure and understand the impact of our projects. Its benefits to the planet’s climate, local communities, flora and fauna and beyond.
  • Funding: Real Ice is currently looking to source investment and to engage with businesses for sponsorship opportunities to fund the development of our project
  • Environmental Legal Advice: Due to the nature of Real Ice it’s important for us to understand the legal implications of our project, for example, the consenting process we need to navigate in particular regions of the Arctic. Real Ice would welcome any support available in this field.
  • Technology Consultancy: Real Ice could use support from a technology consultancy to accelerate the fantastic work done by our Chief Engineer.
  • Volunteering and CSR Programmes to fill skill gaps as we scale:  We need support in setting up volunteering programmes, as well as to understand how to engage with CSR programmes to help expand support for Real Ice and facilitate the project’s success.


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R;pple Suicide Prevention

R;pple Suicide Prevention was set up in September 2021, in memory of my late brother Josh who took his own life in November 2020. R;pple is a browser extension currently compatible with desktop computers and laptops and is available on Edge, Opera, Firefox and Google Chrome. Once R;pple is downloaded, if an individual were to search for harmful material relating to self-harm and suicide, their search would be intercepted and they would be presented with a short breathing exercise which is designed to give them time to stop and think about what they are about to do, followed by a message of hope, before being signposted to one of the many mental health resources that can give them the appropriate help and hope that they need.

Funding is desperately needed for Ripple to allow us to :-

  • Develop the tool so that it is compatible with mobile devices and iPad
  • Allow Wi-Fi integration in stadiums/ organisational establishments
  • Register as a charity in foreign countries
  • Fund translations so that Ripple is available in every country

Support needed:

  • Legal advice:  support in registering R;pple as a charitable organisation in the US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia.
  • HR advice: support around charity structure, governance and legislation.
  • Introductions: connections to medical professional bodies, educational establishments, and key business contacts to encourage the deployment of R;pple to ultimately save more lives.
  • Accessibility guidance and support: to ensure technical development meets the international WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility standard.


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The Sewing Rooms - SewFab Thermal Cooking Bag

The Sewing Rooms social enterprise trades to tackle social problems. Working towards zero waste through innovative ways of saving textiles from landfill. Our goal is to improve the health and wellbeing of the communities we work with. We teach sewing skills and create employment opportunities in our manufacturing department.

Our latest innovation the SewFab Thermal Cooking Bag is inspired by Medieval ways of cooking with a modern twist. We have taken and created an innovative alternative product that provides an ethical solution to an immediate problem that helps in the fight against fuel poverty and climate change.

The SewFab Thermal Cooking Bag reduces the amount of cooking energy by 70% saving co2 emissions as well as savings off energy bills. We know that our SewFab Thermal Cooking Bag has potential in the commercial outdoor pursuits market and can be easily replicated on a local, national and global scale.

Support needed:

  • Scaling and Strategic Support:  we are looking to scale our manufacturing as well as developing retail channels for a new product range the outdoor activities market. We also are looking for strategic support as we scale the business in particular with our aim to expand across the UK and beyond: We need a critical friend as well as mentor support with particular emphasis on:
    – Funding expertise to resource the next phase
    – Financial management advice
    – Legal advice on IP, branding, partnerships
  • Marketing: support to help us create an effective marketing strategy as well as marketing materials.
  • Project Management: a critical eye and mentor would be extremely helpful to ensure that we are seeing the helicopter and detailed view of the project.
  • HR: support as we achieve our team growth, to ensure we have all policies in place and that our values are embedded into our working environment and applicable practices to sustain a happy productive inclusive working environment.


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The Vavengers

We are The Vavengers. We listen, we support, and we take action. We educate, collaborate, aid and empower. We are a survivor and migrant-led organisation, standing with and for every woman affected by Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting (FGM/C) and Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) – we will help end it together.

Our work takes 3 forms:

  • Direct Outreach:
    Holistic support & wellness community outreach pop-up hubs in the UK that support vulnerable women and girls’ physical, psychological, and legal needs with a focus on FGM/C and VAWG
  • Education:
    Educational workshops about FGM/C and VAWG with businesses and organisations, including healthcare professionals
  • Campaigning:
    National and international campaigns to ensure FGM/C and VAWG are on the political and social agenda

Our holistic hubs became the answer to the most ‘unseen’ members of our society; women and girls who are facing between 3 to 6 forms of Gender-Based Violence at the same time.

Support needed:

  • Marketing and Business Development: Help us promote our important work
  • Financial Advisory: Help us reach our fundraising targets by introductions, donor mapping and fund outreach support
  • Mentoring: Help us find mentors for our brilliant team to have a creative & safe thinking space guided by leaders of film, non-profit, government, legal
  • Legal and Governance:  Help us find governance leaders to safely execute our business plan


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Wheelchair Skills in Schools

There are an estimated 64,000 young people in England who need a wheelchair to be mobile and without a system to teach vital wheelchair skills in place, these young people will not be able to take on the same chances as their non-disabled peers.

The Wheelchair Skills College is a social enterprise with a vision of ensuring that every wheelchair user has access to the essential skills in using their wheelchair, something not currently available, that give them best access life opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise have.

Working with key stakeholder groups in partner schools (children, parents and teachers), we will develop a three-hundred-and-sixty-degree wheelchair skills training programme that embeds itself across all areas of a young person’s life ensuring that they are given the skills they need to succeed.

Through our training programme, young people will learn skills to build their confidence and independence ensuring their best chance in life.

Support needed:

  • IP and Legal health check: we would like support and insight into how to mitigate potential risks as we move forwards developing and scaling our work.
  • Commercialisation: creating diverse income generation is important to the sustainability of our organisation in the long term and we would like support to develop a strategy to ensure that we do this through commercial channels.
  • Marketing Strategy: ahead of a projected launch date of September 2023, we would like support to develop a marketing strategy to ensure a successful roll out of the programme to reach our target audience.
  • Scaling: through successful pilots, we have demonstrated the effectiveness of our training and with a large need across the country we would like support to better understand what our options for scaling this programme are.



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