We are delighted to announce our 2021 finalists’ ideas and project proposals, along with their immediate support needs, which are all presented below.

Supporters and pro bono partners of the Awards are invited to engage with these organisations to assist their development. Please take some time to review the applicants below and their support needs and get in touch where you think you may be able to assist in their development.

If you would like to offer your support, please email Mona Rahman at [email protected]

Find Your Voice

Find Your Voice is a social enterprise that delivers singing programmes to reach vulnerable people in marginalised communities. Adults with learning disability are the most likely to have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic. Working with community partners, we created “Every Day People” A programme delivered into the heart of a community care facility, taking beneficiaries, patients or service users and transforming them into one creative, energised and connected community.

The pandemic shone a light into societal areas of inequity. Digital exclusion, overcrowded living and the government advice to shield made it impossible for learning disabled adults to access the support they needed. We bring together a community to shine a light on an individual’s own culture, needs, wants and personality, ripping up the rule book of how music should be played and engaged with in social care.

We recognise that potential is equally spread throughout the country, however cultural health and wellbeing opportunities are not.

Support needed:

  • Community Building: We want to explore how we can build communities within communities. We want to create one large tribe, where learning disabled adults around the country can feel connected even when apart.
  • Scaling and commercialisation: With 85% of our income coming from trading prepandemic and with a waiting list of adult social care centres wanting to host our programmes, we’d like support and insight into how to navigate the new funding climate, enabling us to create a resilient and robust funding strategy moving forward
  • Updating Theory of Change: To ensure our impact measurement methods actually deliver on the problem we’re trying to solve
  • IP and Legal Healthcheck: We’d like support and insight into how to approach these issues as a rapidly growing and scaling organisation.


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NEMI Teas is a specialist London-based tea company that offers a variety of tea blends whilst providing employment to refugees to give them with local work experience and job readiness skills to enter the UK workforce and help them integrate into broader society.

The success of the NEMI model and the positive impact it has had both on the refugees, internal staff and the community members has resulted in the NEMI team developing a new café training & employment project titled Changing Journeys.

This program would provide refugees access to an intense 3-month food service training and work experience at a boutique café called Trampoline, upskilling them to work within the British hospitality industry. This would result in greater employment opportunities for refugees thus scaling the social impact of the business.

Support needed:

  • Strategic Support: the sale of our teas funds the social impact we create, so we are looking to scale our operations across both wholesale and retail channels. Strategic support on scaling our business and impact would be invaluable, particularly with the aim to expand internationally.
  • Impact Measurement: we aim to create transformative changes in the lives of refugees but with limited impact measurement tools, it is difficult to measure the full impact of our work. This would also be helpful to share with potential customers why they should buy from us and funders why they should back our social enterprise.
  • Fundraising: we would appreciate some help with our financial plan as we look to raise external funding for the business to enable us to scale. In doing so, we will need help in coming up with a fair valuation for the business and specific financial advice.



Climate change is the biggest challenge facing us, and it hits those most vulnerable in society the most. Moving our money is one of the most powerful ways we can take action.

OwnIt empowers women to realise the power they have in their personal finances to collectively shift £1billion for the planet, through an innovative peer-support model. OwnIt trains women to support a group of their peers to talk about climate action. This drives tangible behaviour change, through increased confidence, knowledge, and accountability.

We have successfully proven the model’s impact; So far from 3 pilots with 140 women, OwnIt has catalysed the shift of £1.2million for climate action. OwnIt is at a crucial stage and needs your support to scale impact. Our ambition is to move £1billion, and create a legacy of >25,000 women empowered to take control of their financial futures whilst simultaneously taking urgent climate action.

Support needed:

  • Scaling: Expertise from organisations who have significantly scaled programmes across the UK and beyond:
    – Funding expertise to resource the next phase of OwnIt with core funding
    – Financial management advice
    – Legal advice on IP, branding, partnerships
  • Partnerships and corporate collaborations:
    – Feedback on our proposition to corporate partners to help us develop a sustainability model for OwnIt
    – Introductions to companies with a clear strategic priority around environment and climate, who may want to become a founding sponsor of OwnIt and/or who may be interested in offering the OwnIt programme to their employees
  • Communications and PR Support:
    – Organisations willing to circulate the opportunity to participate in OwnIt with their communities via newsletters, social media
    – PR support to raise the profile of OwnIt and introductions to journalists
    – Introductions to potential outreach partners – organisations who work with women who would benefit from financial confidence who could invite them to participate in OwnIt


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PACT - Adopted Children's Voice and Empowerment

Adopted children tell us they are often isolated, bullied or vulnerable due to misunderstandings about adoption in our society. Adopted children want the opportunity to access support and have their voices heard. They tell us they want an online platform to connect with other adoptees, they say how important it is to ‘be with other adoptees’ and ‘talk with others who are like me’.

PACT (Parents And Children Together) wants to create a safe, secure online platform for adopted young people to meet, support and speak with other adopted young people. Facilitated by professionals hosting peer to peer forums and training former adopted people (aged 18-25) to act as mentors, PACT can address the isolation that many adopted children face, empowering them, giving them a voice.

Through this platform PACT and the adopted young people will collaborate to challenge the misunderstanding and prejudice against adopted young people in our society.

Support needed:

  • Project Management/Business Support: to plan out the journey taking it from concept to launch. If on going project support was possible stakeholder coordination and management will be needed.
  • Technology Development – Advice and Support: Is there an out of the box option or do we need and bespoke platform. We need to maintain safety and confidentiality whilst being interactive and engaging.
  • Design & Marketing: to help us develop the look and design of a platform and also then create the tools and resources required to promote it.
  • Legal Advice & Support: we’ll need terms and conditions of use drafted for users as well as for parents of users. We will need legal advice and support should the model be developed into a more scalable offer.
  • Diversity/Inclusion: We are aware that if a child is adopted into a family that is from a different ethnic background to them this adds an additional layer of complexity and possible challenge. We need support in ensuring an inclusive platform and approach for all.
  • Financial Support: Help with developing the costing at the build to launch phase as well as then the ongoing running and maintenance phase will be useful.
  • Training Support: mental health first aid, safeguarding, communication, boundaries and perhaps even as far as a formal youth work qualification for the mentors. Is there a partner that provide this or sponsor this training?
  • Ongoing fundraising/ business development: To help with sustainability, support with drafting funding proposals for ongoing funding or introductions to sponsors or funders will help the project to succeed.
  • Impact Support: to ensure the project is making a difference we’ll need an impact measurement tool or advice on how to capture and monitor impact via an online platform.
  • Risk Support: support to capture and identify potential risks that this project and platform may present and suggestion of risk mitigations.


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Parenting Mental Health

Parenting a child with poor mental health is something no-one is qualified or wants to do. The impacts are far reaching and challenge 1.95m UK children, their parents, families and society. Yet waiting lists are unacceptably long, up to 3 years in some cases, and the system wasn’t designed for the scale of the current problem. It is vital that we act now and do something different: parents need to be brought into the equation of change.

At Parenting Mental Health, we’ve seen the transformative impact that a parent has on their child’s mental health, and their own, when they are connected, supported and skilled. Through our training, emotional support interventions, and community of 20,000+ parents, we aim to take the isolation, shame, and stigma away from unsupported parents facing unenviable challenges.

By changing the way we parent today’s generation of young people, we believe we can improve outcomes for them, and future generations.

Support needed:

  • Fundraising: as a new charity, we would be grateful for support and guidance on engaging with trusts and foundations and how we best present and share our impact to date.
  • Organisational Development: we have an ambitious goal of supporting 1m parents by 2026, so we would really benefit from some expert input and support in scoping this and developing our 1 year business plan.
  • Scaling: our interventions are successful and we are keen to scale the support we offer to more parents through partnerships primarily with the NHS but also with schools and workplaces. We would achieve greater impact much quicker if we could get some specialist strategy and support to do this.
  • Board Development: we are keen to develop and support our board and would benefit from the opportunity to engage a Mentor with 2 people with lived experience to help develop their skills and confidence to help them as they join our board in 2022. We will also be recruiting other Trustees in early 2022.
  • Legal: We would really appreciate a connection to a solicitor who can offer guidance on the law around mental health and education that we can share with confidence with our community. We would also appreciate some clarification around Intellectual Property.
  • Research: we would welcome the opportunity to engage with a research partner to do a longitudinal study on the impacts of supporting parents to validate the impact we see in a more formal way.


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Say It With Your Chest

Despite the majority of the 2019 – 2020 academic school year being during a pandemic, 5,057 permanent exclusions and 310,733 fixed period exclusions occurred. Persistent disruptive behaviour was the most common reason for all types of exclusions. So, there is clearly a very big problem in schools regarding behaviour. This is demonstrated by the shocking statistic that 66% of teachers are thinking of quitting the profession due to the poor behaviour of students.

Say It With Your Chest has developed a training programme in collaboration with a range of stakeholders like young people, teachers and social workers. The training gives staff the skills and tools to support students who display disruptive behaviour.

It is important to help staff support students who are at risk of exclusion due to their behaviour, because being excluded from school is a factor that can increase a young person’s risk of child criminal exploitation.

Support needed:

  • HR: help us plan and achieve our team growth
  • Marketing:  help us create an effective marketing strategy as well as marketing materials to explain why we do what we do, what we do and how we do it
  • Impact Evaluation and Measurement: help us design and implement an effective system which allows us to measure and understand the impact of our programme short term and long term
  • Scaling: help us to scale successfully
  • Relationship Building: help us create relationships with schools and local authorities in the UK, who will commit to piloting our training programme
  • Ambassadors and Introductions: we are looking for organisations and people to champion our work by helping us with the visibility of our training programme amongst policymakers and influential individuals


Second Shot Coffee

Second Shot Coffee is the specialty coffee social enterprise tackling homelessness. In our two award winning coffee shops we train, employ and transition individuals, taking them from where they are to where they deserve to be, as well as distributing drinks and meals to local rough sleepers.

Since launching in 2016 we have successfully trained and transitioned 8 individuals out of homelessness and distributed over 30,000 coffees and meals to local rough sleepers.

With the support of the Stephen Lloyd awards we will convert our existing 6 month programme into a dynamic 6-week programme where trainees will learn all elements of service and coffee preparation, as well as benefit from coffee roaster visits and accredited food hygiene and coffee courses.

Our program will feed an industry in desperate need of knowledgeable, high calibre applicants with experience, whilst providing employment opportunities for over 30 individuals annually.

Support needed:

  • E-Commerce and Marketing: We have recently launched our own coffee beans which are available through our website as a one-off, or as a subscription service. Help us navigate online advertising to grow this side of the business.
  • Marketing: we currently invest in our PR and our social media presence, but do little in the way of marketing. We would love to be able to draw on the expertise of somebody who could help us to develop and enact a marketing strategy, and to produce marketing materials. This will help us to raise awareness of our organisation and cause, and to expand our support network.
  • Space: We are currently looking for a location for our next site. Help us with introductions to suitable venues or companies that may be able to support.
  • Charity Incorporation: We will soon be incorporating a charity arm in addition to the social enterprise. Help us through this process as well as recruiting suitable trustees who can provide excellent governance and strategic direction
  • Legal Advice: Support us with charity incorporation, future leases, and trademarking
  • Ambassadors: Help us to provide more employment opportunities and grow the business by being a Second Shot champion and making introductions to individuals and companies that we could supply with coffee beans or cater events with.
  • Funding: We will be looking for funding to rapidly scale the business. Help us by making introductions to suitable organisations and individuals.


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Standing Tall

Standing Tall is a not-for-profit that matches people experiencing homelessness into stable jobs in responsible businesses. Alongside this, we ensure these individuals have a safe home to come back to through our ‘Amici’ hosting accommodation service. Our results prove that it’s this unique combination that’s vital – a job and a home together that’s helping people to move away from the streets for good.

Business owners want to help to reduce homelessness. Standing Tall provides the solution matching an individual ready and capable of starting and sustaining their job role. Residents with a spare room want to help to reduce homelessness. Standing Tall provides the solution matching an Amici host with an individual.

85% of people we help are off the streets and in the same job one year later. Your support will double our impact and by 2024 we’ll be helping hundreds of people to stand tall every year.

Support needed:

  • Governance:  support us to build a diverse Board by recruiting trustees with experience in specific areas including HR so we’re interested in engaging Trustees unlimited.
  • Growth Plans: support us by contributing to our growth plans including the International Centre for Social Franchising, The Shaftesbury Partnership and we have existing links with Big Issue Invest
  • Market Intelligence: support us by contributing to our market intelligence work on sectors and businesses who want to work in partnership with Standing Tall
  • Crowdfunding Partner: we’re interested in working with Just Giving ahead of our #Christmaschallenge crowdfunding campaign.
  • Digital Media: we’re interested in working with the Media Trust to help us tell our story effectively through video.
  • Introductions: support us by introducing us to business owners who may be interested in partnering with Standing Tall to provide a stable job role.


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Street Storage

Imagine keeping everything you own in just one suitcase. Imagine having to carry that suitcase with you everywhere you go. Imagine having to sleep with it at night. Now imagine having that suitcase burnt, or stolen, or its contents destroyed by rain. Street Storage is the only UK charity providing free, safe storage for people experiencing homelessness. We are innovative and growing at speed. Increased demand for our service comes weekly from those sleeping out, those in prison, those being evicted (legally and illegally), and those in hostels, shelters, refuges, vulnerable and violent housing situations.

Working in partnership with day centres, outreach teams, soup kitchens, local authorities, the prison service and national charities such as Crisis and St Mungos, in two storage units across London, we are seeing the situation worsen in the aftermath of COVID19. We need to grow to support our community now more than ever.

Support needed:

  • Business Strategy: Street Storage is fast moving from a start up to a scale up charity. While we are implementing and streamlining CRM and accounting systems to manage growing numbers, and hiring on the ground and support staff to encourage and nurture our growth, senior staff need business strategy support to help them make this shift internally. Senior staff need to move from managing every part of the day to day of a small, new organisation, to taking a more strategic and overarching position in the charity. Support here could come through business mentoring, financial sustainability planning and franchising/replication support.
  • Marketing Strategy: While we are gaining followers steadily, improving our website and focusing more on the content we create and support in the sector, we would like ‘second stage’ support with a marketing strategy for the future. Support here could include reaching a wider audience with varying needs and asks, as well as support around targeted campaigns, and connecting better with corporates, campaigners and influencers in the sector to impact change.
  • Physical Premises Growth: Street Storage staff spend the entire year scouring London and the UK for accessible space that can be used to grow our service. Warehouses, empty office space, disused community halls and faith based buildings as well as shared space are always on our radar and we constantly speak to ethical landlords, corporate CSR units, property developers, local authorities, architects and property charities to find space to allow us to serve more people. Using the network of people involved in (and supporters of) the Stephen Lloyd Awards may work to open up contacts who have space in London or in other UK cities – you never know who knows someone who might know someone!



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