Ten applicants were shortlisted, from an applicant base of 80, in the first half of May 2017. These shortlisted applicants are presented below, along with their immediate support needs.

Supporters and pro bono partners of the awards are now invited to engage with these organisations to assist their development over the weeks leading to the finalé event on 27th June, at which a winner, or winners, will be selected.

Please take some time to review the applicants below and their support needs and get in touch where you think you may be able to assist in their development. You can access most of their websites and original applications to the awards via the buttons below.

Update, 7th June, Hello World Lab have had to withdraw from the 2017 Awards due to reasons beyond their control. The steering committee wish them well and look forward to welcoming their application in 2018.


Cornerstone is a charity in Scotland that provides care and support to children, adults and families in local communities across the country. Our aim is ‘to enable the people we support to enjoy a valued life’ and in addition to our contracted work we enhance our services by providing very person-centred care and support and access to activities and opportunities to ensure the people we support can live the life they choose despite their disability or other support need. One of the goals we have for Cornerstone is to transform the way social care is funded, commissioned, valued and delivered in the UK. Inspired by the work of Buurtzorg in the Netherlands we want to demonstrate that a sustainable new business model, if applied with the right focus, can improve the quality of care for beneficiaries. In order to do that effectively we need to be able to show the impact the model is having and ensure that we have a robust financial model; one that can stand up to scrutiny especially from the commissioners of social care services across the country. Therefore the expertise, guidance and support that would be of most benefit to us at this stage includes:

  • Tools and approaches to assist us with impact measurement: in particular the more qualitative outcomes
  • Support for us to establish a simple financial formula: based on income, productivity and staff costs to assist with future budgeting and pricing activity
  • Support to establish a financial model: that reflects the principles of outcomes based commissioning
  • Help with establishing a technology based productivity tool: that is simple to use for the self organising teams
  • Access to social investors or philanthropists: who may be interested in being a part of delivering systemic change.

Email Edel Harris at Edel.Harris@cornerstone.org.uk


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Hello World Lab

Application Withdrawn

The Hello World Lab is solar-powered, internet-enabled, community-owned-and-maintained multi-station computer lab designed to address the connectivity and education deficits found in refugee camps. Using the Hello Labs, children will be able to become autodidactic (as proven by another project in our Hello World programme) and see dramatic improvements in literacy, numeracy, digital literacy and a rich breadth of life-wide skills necessary for escaping their reality. The Labs will not only provide much needed education, they’ll also offer connectivity – a way to get back in touch with family and friends, and a place in the cloud to call their own – to store their documents and photos – that can never be ripped away with impunity. Hello Labs have the potential to be scaled globally and respond to a worldwide refugee crisis and a cataclysmic education deficit. Support needed:

  • Social franchising and scaling: we’re hopeful that the Hello Lab model will be an idea that can be scaled globally. Over time we’d like to move from an entirely philanthropic model to one which is able to sustain it’s own running costs through income generation. Support establishing how best to develop this approach would be extremely welcome
  • Funding: If we’re successful in our Stephen Lloyd Award application we will be heading out to the Rwamwanja refugee camp in Uganda to pilot the innovation. If we’re successful we will be looking for funding to scale the innovation into refugee camps across the globe.
  • Legal advice: as we grow, we’re looking for probono legal support to ensure we can successfully and safely navigate the new territory we encounter. Any legal support would be extremely welcome.


Human Language

Human Language comes to you via the Systems Changers Programme and is aimed at creating change from within an organisation rather than just from above. Human Language is a tool to aid communication within teams who support people experiencing severe and multiple disadvantage. It uses simple principles to guide the reader, enabling them to write documents which are clear yet effective; stating the required message whilst being polite, respectful and kind. Support needed:

  • Business planning: I need support to create a clear, realistic and achievable business plan which not only explores how to get the principles of Human Language out to the world and embedded into organisations but also explores the concept of the gift economy and how it fits into Human Language
  • Marketing and communications: Support is needed to get the project out to a wider audience with an end to end offer with message that is easily shared and open, generous and gentle. The Human Language website could benefit from being redesigned using PDF’s, clearer branding and cleaner look – still using the HL principles. This design would follow through to any paper materials such as leaflets
  • Legal advice: I would benefit from support to explore the correct legal structure from the beginning
  • Impact measurement: I need support to develop a tool to measure impact and capture outcomes, both hard and soft and as a method to evaluate the long-term benefits of Human Language.

Email Cath Stamper at info@humanlanguage.co.uk


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Mindful Music

Mindful Music is a programme which teaches children aged 3-12 self-control for improved focus, behaviour and attainment through coaching and training of educators to deliver immersive music activities and mindful reflection conversations with their pupils. You can watch an 80 second video on their homepage www.mindfulmusic.london Support needed:

  • Corporate partners: Mindful Music need volunteers who work in leadership roles who can demonstrate self-awareness, empathy and self-control. They would support Mindful Music by delivering sessions for primary schools in disadvantaged areas. Their key role in this capacity would be to act as role model class visitors during the programme and, later stage, as coaches for the school staff. Mindful Music are piloting this process on a small scale, and welcome support during the planning stages, as well as hearing from organisations and individuals able to support in the delivery.
  • Sustainable growth: as Mindful Music prepare to scale, strategic support is required to build a financially sustainable model that maintains the community led approach and quality of the programme. Mindful Music are currently working with individual primary schools in London and Medway. Their next steps, which they welcome support with, are to build links with local councils and academy chains in areas of deprivation around England.
  • Legal guidance: Mindful Music are developing training programmes and resources with a long-term vision of being able to provide any educator, parent or carer with the tools required to teach self-control for greater wellbeing. Some resources are music based. Legal support would be welcome to ensure intellectual property is protected during this process, and to identify actions which may be required imminently or later down the line such as the need for a trademark.

Email Martha Wright at martha@mindfulmusic.london

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Playphysio is a social venture committed to harnessing the power of ‘games’ for the benefit of patients and families managing long term illness. Our products gamify medical treatment for chronically sick children, which dramatically increases treatment adherence. We do this with ‘wearables’ and mobile phone games technology. An approach which is backed up by existing medical research and confirmed by our tests with volunteer families & children. Within minutes, a child that would not perform a ‘boring, time consuming, hated’ treatment is choosing that they want to do it, looking forward to the next session and telling their friends that it’s really cool to be asked to play games! We are focussed upon a specific use case at the moment but we know our approach works for children, adults and even senior citizens. Our hardware is flexible and software is modular to track different treatments, drug delivery, rehabilitation and therapies. Our games incentivise patients’ consistent adherence to treatment. This provides data for medical teams and clinical research. Most importantly, turning treatment into a fun activity for sick children reduces the daily burden of care for families, increases patient’s resilience, improves actual health outcomes, and can save millions for the NHS every year. Support Needed:

  • IP protection: We have identified our potential sources of IP and are in the process of defining them. We would like advice on how to protect and register our brand, marks, and software.
  • Licensing: Ideally, we will license our software and know how existing medical device manufacturers. We will supply a software API existing game studios and badge their games as ‘approved for use’. Royalties from hardware and software will fund the ongoing product development for other patient groups, treatments, illnesses or therapies.
  • Brand building and awareness: We think we may have unique market positioning as a social venture and medical device development company. We seek to communicate this to best effect to ensure we maximise our reach and impact for patients and families.

Email Will Jackson at will@playphys.io


Application on request

Positive Boundaries

Positive Boundaries (Bullying UK) is a unique universal, preventative programme delivered directly to young people in schools and other youth settings. It is designed to promote the essential elements of positive sexual and emotional health to enable young people from 10-18yrs to develop equitable, safe, and fulfilling relationships to reduce their risk of sexual exploitation, and ensure they become better informed and aware about online vulnerability. The programme builds young peoples’ resilience to identify coercive and inappropriate sexual relationships with their peers and/or adults and supports the development of a whole school approach to challenge the attitudes and behaviours that, unchecked, can lead to acceptance of sexualised behaviour, bullying and violence. Support needed:

  • Refining our business model: We would welcome support in developing a marketing and advertising strategy, incorporating current collated evidence of impact, to enable us to become market ready to engage and promote the programme to schools and attract potential delivery partners across the UK
  • Financial Modelling: We would welcome support to develop a robust licensing model for schools and with external delivery partners, ensuring value for money and a fair pricing model becomes achieved
  • Measuring impact: We would welcome guidance in developing a framework which enables us to maintain the quality and fidelity to the Positive Boundaries (Bullying UK) programme through a licensing model which achieves the theory of change and outcomes expected.

Email Sandra Hiller at sandrah@familylives.org.uk


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SafetyNet Tech

SafetyNet Technologies design and build devices that use light to help fishermen catch the right fish and tackle some of the biggest issues facing the commercial fishing industry. Their primary goal is to design and build devices that increase the selectivity of commercial fishing practices. By being more selective with the fish caught, the industry becomes more sustainable. Light, which has been of interest to the fishing gear-technology community since the 1970s, can be used as a tool to achieve this as it’s been shown that light can reduce bycatch by up to 90%.

Support needed:

  • Crowdfunding support: They are launching a crowdfunding campaign on Tuesday, May 16th that will run until June 23rd to raise £50K in order to finalise the design and produce 100 of their PISCES product to give to fishing crews and scientists to run new experiments that they weren’t able to before. Any support, whether financial or sharing the campaign with your networks, would be greatly appreciated! The campaign can be found at https://igg.me/at/PISCES
  • Designing outreach material: As part of their crowdfunding campaign, they’re looking to do some public engagement. This is quite new for them as they have not done much of this outside of talks, so having effective materials/props to bring SafetyNet Tech to life would really help them
  • Commercialisation: Once they have their finalised design, they are looking to commercialise PISCES to get it out to the world. Whether you know potential clients or partners, or can give general advice on this, please get in touch with them
  • Investment advice: When they decide to commercialise, they may need to take on investment and would like some advice on what they should look for in investors.
    Email: Dan Watson at dan@sntech.co.uk


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Settle is an award-winning social enterprise that supports vulnerable young people moving into their first home. We design and deliver 1:1 training programmes to young homeless people to ensure that they have the skills needed to sustain a tenancy. Founded in 2014, Settle is now at an important stage in its growth. This year we are scaling our programmes to work with over 160 young people in London, quadrupling our current reach. Support needed:

  • HR Support: This is the first time we will have hired a new member of staff. It would be wonderful to receive some support from an experienced HR professional to help us develop our internal processes and create a supportive organisational culture
  • Sales pipeline: This year our focus is on this first stage of Settle’s growth. However, to sustain that growth we will need to continue to make sales and fundraise. It would be really valuable to access strategic support around how we can ensure our current contracts are renewed and when we should be looking to make our next sales
  • Legal advice: Much of our USP is in our brand and the content of our programmes. We would love some legal advice about how we can protect our intellectual property and brand
  • Supervision: We would love to start working with an external coach in a supervisory role who might work closely with us to promote good practice and our own personal and professional development.

Email Katie Slee at katie.slee@wearesettle.org


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Sky School

Sky School is a global high school for refugees who want to change the world. The idea for Sky School was conceived in 2016, in response to the gap in quality secondary education provision for young displaced people. Sky School aims to leverage the network and resources of existing international schools and alumni around the world to develop a high quality international education for its students. Recognising that students of Sky School will be required to be entrepreneurial, creative, and even to help rebuild their communities and countries in the future, all Sky School programmes equip students with the skills and mindset to become changemakers. Support Needed:

  • Funding advice and support: If we are lucky enough to win a Stephen Lloyd Award, we will be able to carry out the first phase of our pilot, giving 100 refugee students access to secondary education programmes. We are very interested in advice on, and access to, social investors and other potential philanthropists who may want to support refugee education.
  • Web-platform and learning management systems: Sky School is working to identify the best web-platform for our students and volunteer teachers. We would like support, perhaps from someone with an IT background, on identifying the right platform and developing metrics for doing so.
  • Legal advice: Volunteer teachers will be developing content for the Sky School curriculum, and adding it to our open access web-platform. We want to ensure that the content is licensed to Sky School. We would therefore very much welcome legal advice on intellectual property.
  • Financial model and income generating activities: Sky School is non-for-profit, and will initially seek philanthropic support for its pilot programme. In the long-term, our aim is to build a social venture which can cover all running costs through income generating activities that are in line with our mission and core programming. We would very much appreciate support in developing a sustainable and viable financial model that reflects this.
  • Communications: As we develop our programme, we want our communications, including website, videos and social media to appeal to both potential students, partners and funders. We would therefore greatly welcome advice and support with developing our brand story-telling and key messaging, and perhaps even hands-on support in developing print and audio/visual materials.

Email Polly Akhurst & Mia Eskelund at hello@skyschool.world


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Vocolenzo is a Cambridge University spin-out health tech startup with the mission to increase the independence of visually impaired people. The company is achieving this by creating a wearable image-to-voice technology that operates as a personal guide in various daily activities, so the user can experience life like a non-impaired person. The technology, empowered by machine learning and artificial intelligence, will be multipurpose, look good and affordable.

Support Needed:

  • Marketing & Public Relations Campaign: to ensure successful pre-order launch, we need pro bono support in marketing, branding, advertising campaigns
  • Intellectual Property: we use machine learning / AI software integrated in a wearable assistive technology, to protect our intellectual property, we need your pro bono support patenting and licensing patents.

Application on request